Thing 126

For Day 2 of the pink flowered fabric Esther requested a wide hairband to match her shirt. I’ve made a bunch of these before so I pulled out one of her favourites and used the same measurements.

I cut a rectangle and hemmed along the long edges. Next I sewed a long, narrow tube through which I pulled a length of elastic. I attached the two pieces with with my serger and called it a day. 15 minutes, maybe?


photo 4_62


It was a non-gym day so Esther could forgo her usual braid.


photo 2_96


Matchy-matchy, pretty-pretty!



Cost of this Thing: 0 (just need to do that about 75 more times)
Cost of all Things to date: €197.62




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  1. Heather Bylenga
    May 14, 2014 at 9:54 pm

    such a sweet girl!

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