Work-in-Progress Wednesday: Yarn Preparation

Remember when I mentioned all the yarn samples from my yarn lady? Thing 84? Anyone?


Today was a Dutch weather day: bright sunshine, suddenly dark, thunder and lightning, torrential rain, and then sunny again. I sat upstairs by the window in my sewing room and watched the weather as I tackled a tedious chore: unravelling more of the yarn samples.



photo 1_98


photo 2_98


photo 3_79



This is Step One for several upcoming projects.


photo 4_64


The creamy one will become a sheep or a goat next week (anyone know a good free crocheted goat pattern??). The red and black is for a hat, as are the orangey-green variegated ones. The tangerine yarn is quite fine and would be good for a little amigurumi project. I might also use a bit of it to trim the orangey-green hat.

It’s good I have some more free Things in the pipeline.



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