Things 210 & 211

Another birthday party, another Liberty gift set.

I still had some lovely scraps of the Mitsi lawn, but since it wasn’t quite enough for a zip bag I went for a two-tone approach. The yellow fabric is the same that I used to line the last set I made and is a great match for the creaminess of the flowers. I found a zipper in my stash in the same shade of creamy yellow.

The zipper didn’t go in perfectly but considering the tight deadline I was on and the speed at which I was sewing it’s respectable and better than expected. I started the set after Esther’s swimming lesson this morning and needed to have it ready by lunchtime.


photo 3_130


The tissue pouch is made of two triangular scraps sewn into a square, and then lined with the yellow.


photo 2_167


These were the last biggish scraps of the Mitsi so it really is time to get started on that patchwork quilt. Ha! That’s a joke. I don’t do big projects. I have patience and perseverance issues.


Cost of these Things: 0
Cost of all Things to date: €277.74

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