Thing 63

Last night was beading night, one of the last before our sale, so I needed to be productive. I started by pouring out some supplies on my work area (an old square of white flannel). This is what I decided to work with:

  • Rose quartz — five 8mm rounds and a baggie full of chips
  • Freshwater pearls — top-drilled buttons in white and small potato pearls in iridescent silver.
  • Tiny glass seed beads, silver-lined for sparkle

I wanted something longer, like the gold necklace I made a couple of weeks ago, and I was trying for random. Almost every time I start a random necklace it veers off into a pattern. I can’t help myself. Last night was no exception. However, the chips are of varying sizes so it gives a random-ish feel to the necklace. 


photo 5_16



Here’s a prettier shot. Tulips and a back garden full of bikes — it doesn’t get much more Dutch than that.


photo 4_32



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Thing 52

Last night was beading night again. I wasn’t quite as productive as last week, but I still finished something.

I pulled out some fuchsia quartz that I’ve had for years. They’re shaped like Chiclets. Yummy!

I’ve never quite known what to do with them. Every time I add them to a design I end up removing them again. I can’t seem to do them justice.

This time I decided not to combine them with anything else except seed beads, and I also decided that no matter what, I was using them up.


photo 3_29


I went with a three-strand box clasp, and divided the chiclets unevenly over the strands. I had planned to do six on each strand, but when stringing the first strand it was long enough after five and I did not feel like starting over. Hence the crowded middle strand. Let’s call it a design feature.


photo 1_33


It’s okay. I love the colours but I think I should have added some silver touches in there. At least the fit is right.


photo 2_33


Another one for the jewelry sale. Hopefully it will be exactly what somebody was looking for.


photo 5_9


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Things 42 – 45

Last night was beading night and I did some Thing catch-up, getting four done in one night. I’m sewing a Minoru jacket, and it’s messing up my one-Thing-per-day schedule. Beading gives me buffer.

I started with a pair of earrings, using silver ear wires from my overstuffed supplies box. I paired the big white glass beads I bought in Prague last summer with Swarovski pearls for some shine and dangled a Czech glass bead from the end for a shot of colour.


photo 2_21


A bracelet to match makes a bright set for spring.


photo 1_21


Next I ransacked my Swarovoski crystals for necklace inspiration. I have handfuls of random leftovers from previous projects so a necklace like this is good housecleaning. All the pearls and crystals are Swarovski, and the clasp is a sterling silver magnetic clasp.


photo 1_22


Finally, I wanted to make something a bit longer, fun for the summer, and maybe just a bit flashy 🙂

I pulled together all the gold Swarovski and some shiny bead caps and kept stringing until I ran out. That happened a little sooner than I hoped, but it’s still nice and drapey. And flashy.


photo 3_18


We have a beading sale in a couple of weeks (part of a craft fair) and these will be added to the table.

When I put them together like this, they kind of all look the same. All those Swarovski pearls…


photo 4_17


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Things 38 & 39

The school where my youngest daughter, Esther, goes organized a creamiddag (creative afternoon) a couple of weeks ago, where teachers and parents led groups of students in learning various crafts.

I volunteered to lead a group in making wrap bracelets (like the children’s bracelets, but bigger) and pompoms. I prepared enough supplies for eight kids, the maximum group size. And then no one picked my craft. Humph.

I was still asked to come and bring the supplies, and the teacher would be able to use me. She led me to a table with a group of 12-year-old boys who had not chosen anything. Apparently they would be making bracelets, whether they wanted to or not. Oh, joy.

I clipped a few rounds of memory wire for each boy, and opened the boxes of beads. I prepared for apathy.

“Can we use these?” They were excited. For real!

One got started on an early Mother’s Day gift. Another made a present for his little sister. (I have two older brothers and I can testify that neither of them, at the age of 12, ever thought of making anything for me. Just saying.)

I loved their creativity and enthusiasm. When they finished the first one, they asked if they could make more. They made three each before I ran out of memory wire. I wish I’d had my phone with me to take pictures.

These are the two bracelets I made to demonstrate and to work along with them:


photo 1_16

photo 2_16


The purple one stretched out (I have no idea why — maybe the memory wire was poor quality? Beads strung too tight?) so that is going to become part of a doll’s outfit that I’m putting together for a birthday next month.


photo 4_14


I gave the green and black one to Esther’s teacher as a thank you for putting together the creative program. The kids loved it and so did I.





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Things 24 – 32

For many years I’ve been getting together every Wednesday for beading with a couple of friends. My bead collection is overwhelming. So. many. beads. I can see them with my waking eyes…

In the spirit of the 365 project I’m trying to spend nothing on beading this year.  

I found a package of child-size bracelet wire wrap (to make bracelets shaped like Slinkies, that you wrap on). I bought this by mistake years ago and never planned to use it. Plans change. I snipped a section of three or four full rounds and twisted a small loop on one end to keep the beads from falling off.

I have boxes (and boxes) of glass beads in random shapes, sizes and colours. I sorted by colour and strung the beads in a rainbow pattern, and attached a heart charm to the end loop. Cute, no?


photo 3_9


And if one is cute, nine must be cuter.


photo 4_9


I may have gotten a little carried away. I’m all out of wire now.


photo 2_10


If I ever host a party for a bunch of preschool girls I’m prepared. We can play Oprah: You get a bracelet! Everybody gets a bracelet!

And a toque


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