Things 17 – 23

The Great Toque Marathon started with a simple dinner out.

I had plans to meet some friends downtown, and as it was cold (January) and as I was taking my bike, I needed something to keep my head warm. But not one of last year’s toques matched this year’s winter coat. So that morning I dug through my yarn basket and pulled out everything that would work with a brown coat. Then, using a 5mm hook, I started crocheting random stripes. I finished with a row of crab stitch, and made a finger pompom to top it off. Done!





Or so I thought. Who knew that so many friends would want a a toque?

I made one in aqua and variegated for Hanneke:


photo 1_9


And in pink for Julianna:


photo 2_9


And in grey for Marko:


photo 3_8


And in purple for Catherine:


photo 5_1


And in pink and purple for Esther (“with three stripes like a flag, please”):





I even made one for Kim when we were in London (bought the yarn at a charity shop around the corner from our apartment):


photo 4_8


Pardon the blurry train station photo. I finished the hat as our plane landed back in Amsterdam, and forgot to take a photo until we were just about to board different trains home.


Cost of these Things: €5.11

  • Brown: 0
  • Aqua/variegated : 0
  • Pink: 0
  • Grey: €1.35 (grey acrylic)
  • Pink/purple 3 stripe: 0
  • Purple: €1.35 (purple acrylic)
  • London Special: €2.41 (purple acrylic)

Cost of all Things to date: €21.79 (back under budget!)