Thing 128

One of Esther’s birthday gifts last month was a charm bracelet that came in a handmade pouch. Esther was all over the bracelet (the charms were the Big Five) and I was all over the pouch. It was round instead of the usual rectangle.

For the fourth pink-flowered Thing I decided to make one for myself.


photo 1_100


I used a breakfast plate as a pattern, and a small saucer for the inside base. It’s lined with a scrap from an old sheet and ribbon from the stash.


photo 4_66


It’s perfect for the jewelry set I made on Wednesday (to be blogged about on Sunday, once I’ve run out of pink flowered fabric.)


photo 2_100


Here is my willing model (and chief recipient) with her profusion of flowers:




That’s a lot of pink flowers…


Cost of this Thing: 0
Cost of all Things to date: €197.62


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