Work-in-Progress Wednesday: Crocheted Christmas Light Bulbs

I grew up with the old-style Christmas light bulbs and while I love the convenience and price of modern LED strands they don’t have the same warmth and Christmas Vacation feel of the vintage bulbs.

So when I saw this pattern I had to make it. (Photo from Ravelry)


For my own strand of lights I also chose just the vintage colours of the actual lights we had: red, blue, yellow, green and clear/white. Did we also have orange? I can’t remember.

Crocheting with Catania cotton and a 2mm hook I enthusiastically got busy. The coloured bulb part takes about half an hour and before long I had an assortment of yellow, red, white and blue bulbs. Then, after a crocheting hiatus, I started on the green. Either I was using a smaller hook or a tighter stitch, but the green bulb was noticeably smaller and I promptly lost all my Christmas bulb motivation. That was about a year ago.

So this is what I have:


photo 1_155


Probably the size difference doesn’t matter and I should just carry on. In fact, looking at the picture I can’t even see that big a difference. If I make one more green one, and then finish off the black cord and bulb bottoms, I would have a sweet little strand of 10 (or 12 if I also do orange).

Christmas 2014? Maybe. No promises.

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