Things 233 – 242

Remember this? In July I posted Work-in-Progress reusable snack and sandwich bags.




I finished them before the vacation so I could take them along for a gift.

I started with the velcro sandwich bags. They were quick and easy.  I cut the fabric into squares, folded over the top edges and sewed the velcro over the raw edges. Then I sewed all the way around the sides and bottom, using a French seam to conceal the raw edges. These were done in under an hour, I think.




The zipped bags were a little trickier and I wasn’t really happy with the zipper insertion until the last one (third one down in this picture). Otherwise they’re good, though, and the perfect size for small snacks like goldfish and grapes.




I still had some of the fabric left so I made two more velcro bags, a bit smaller than the others, giving me a final total of ten snack and sandwich bags.




I gave all but the last two to my favourite family in California. I was going to use those for Martina’s and Esther’s snacks. Grand plans, indeed. They’re still in the closet. Anyone want a couple of snack bags?


Cost of these Things: €8.23 (fabric 5.88, zippers 2, velcro .35)
Cost of all Things to date: €287.97

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  1. Tobi
    November 7, 2014 at 2:34 pm

    And we love them! We use them all the time. After a few months of use a couple of the sandwich bags are starting to come apart a bit at the velcro, but the zipper ones are holding up great. Surprisingly, the boys haven’t lost a single one.

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