Things 286 – 288

The cold weather is upon us and I’m back to obsessive levels of crocheting. It’s Toque Season!

Today’s first Thing is the Elsa Toque. Back in February I crocheted Elsa, Anna and Olaf from Frozen for Esther’s friend, Daniëlle. I still had lots of the blue yarn from Elsa’s dress left so I decided to make Daniëlle a matching Christmas gift.




It’s crocheted with a 5mm hook, nice and soft, with a white crab stitch trim. I found the crocheted snowflake in my yarn basket and hot-glued a blue crystal for a sparkly touch. With the rest of the blue yarn I made a luxuriously heavy pom pom.


Toque #2 is for my friend, Marko. I made him a toque back in January. However, his head is too big and he requested another toque that would not cut off his circulation.


I picked up some grey acrylic at my yarn lady around the corner and supplemented it with an assortment of wools and cottons from my stash. The pom pom has a bit of everything in it. This toque is cosy, fun, and most important, extra large.


The final toque in this hat trick (get it? Hat trick? Hat?) is a going away gift for a friend who’s so cool he’s been mistaken for a Canadian.




How appropriate is that?

I used a 5mm hook and some grey and red wool. The red was a huge challenge. It was way too thick so I needed to first separate it into two strands. That upped the pain-in-the-neck factor significantly, but the colour was just right so it was worth it.

I started out by following this pattern, but ended up doing my own thing after about row 6. I have difficulty following directions. To finish it off I crocheted a ribbed edge using this tutorial, a new trick for me. The maple leaf is from the same pattern I’ve used before.

I love this hat. All it needs is a Roots label.


Now let it snow!


Cost of these Things:  €3.95 (grey yarn for Toque #2)
Cost of all Things to date: €304.59