Thing 33

My friend, Mirjam, asked if I could make something for her living room with a bit of leftover curtain fabric she had. “A bit” turned out to be at least six metres worth, so I had options. I think there was enough to make an entire new set of curtains, but I’m pretty sure that’s not what she had in mind.

A year or two ago I went through a pouf phase and I still had enough styrofoam microballs in my upstairs storage for one more.

I originally used this tutorial to make poufs. The directions are clear and I like the dimensions.

For this version, I made a handle and piping out of some beige linen curtain remnants that perfectly matched the design in the main fabric.


photo 2_13


I’ve discovered that after much use the styrofoam balls begin to compress, requiring a periodic pouf refilling, Adding a zipper to the pouf makes refilling a breeze. To discourage styrofoam ball explosions, I secure the zipper shut with a few stitches by hand. I have learned this the hard way.


photo 1_13


The pouf used up about a metre of fabric.  Barely a dent…


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