Thing 1

My very first thing of the year is admittedly mediocre. But free, so that counts for something. Following this tutorial I made a basket from some fabrics in my stash:

photo 1

The pink fabric is a stretch jersey from an old t-shirt. For some reason I keep getting small holes in the front of all my knit shirts (I think it’s from my bad habit of leaning against the stone countertops while I’m working in the kitchen.) The white fabric is from my Ikea curtains. I had to lop a good foot off of them and they still puddle too much. I think it’s cotton. I used batting between the layers to plump it up a bit. That definitely took away some of the crispness I loved in the originals.

When I was done I had four padded squares of each fabric. I couldn’t just throw those out, could I?  So I made a teeny tiny quilt, which can just be a little rug for the blanket. I think the whole thing turned out a bit ugly, but it was a free way to test out a pattern. One of my goals for this year-long project is to improve my sewing, so I’ll chalk Thing 1 up to a good sewing lesson. Plus I’m using the basket to store the little bits that came with my serger.

photo 3


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