Thing 76

Today I made a turtle family keychain. That wasn’t my original plan. I was going to make a single turtle keychain, to add to the frogs, elephant, cat and octopus.

The pattern is Teeny Tiny Turtle from Lucy’s blog. (Do I even look anywhere else right now?)

I made the first one with dark green cotton, and he was, well, teeny tiny. Like an inch across. So I made another in light green. And then I decided they needed a mother.


photo 2_59


The babies are made with cotton and a 2mm hook, and Mama Turtle is acrylic, crocheted with a 3.5mm hook. I attached them all to one keyring. I made the same mistake on both babies, so their shell doesn’t have the edge that Mama’s has.


photo 1_58


Turtles may be slow, but I can whip these ones up in less than half an hour. That’s a lot faster than the hare.


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