Thing 113

Maybe I should call this Lingerie Week, because today’s Thing is another bra, again for Martina, and again the Anna Cross Over pattern. This time it’s in pink, the same lycra/micro jersey used for the princess dress and the unsuccessful undies, and lined in white t-shirt remnants.


photo 1_86


I made another modification to the pattern, cutting the back piece on the fold so that it was one long piece. This avoided a seam down the middle of the back.

I used lavender fold over elastic for all the trim and straps, except ran out before I did the bottom trim. I used regular elastic for that. Because it’s not the extra soft lingerie elastic I didn’t pull it as tight as the fold over elastic around the top edge. I didn’t want it cutting into her skin. It looks uneven like this but it fits well.


photo 2_86


Martina loves this one. It’s comfortable and pretty. (The pictures really don’t do it justice.) I’ve already cut out the fabric for another one, this time with the last of the silver fold over elastic. That should keep her going for awhile.


Cost of this Thing: 0
Cost of all Things to date: €169.84