Things 131 & 132

What a gorgeous day! While Martina was having her violin lesson this afternoon, Esther and I went to the beach. I ordered a glass of rosé and Esther played in the North Sea. Esther thinks she had more fun. I beg to differ.

I wasn’t home for more than a few minutes today so I was glad to be able to pull out last Wednesday’s beading project for today’s Things.


photo 1_103


I made this children’s necklace and bracelet with scraps of beading wire discarded by my beading buddies. This is the beading equivalent of dumpster diving. The glass beads and magnetic clasps are from my dwindling stash.


photo 2_103


See how well these go with Thing 128?


photo 3_82


I need to get invited to more parties because I have a really great gift stash.


Cost of these Things: 0
Cost of all Things to date: €197.62


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