Things 134 – 139

Last night was a productive beading session. Cheryl brought me some stuff she’s clearing out, including an old broken necklace with some delightfully mottled glass beads. I pulled out some beading elastic and got to work.

First I sorted by colour and then made one bracelet from each pile of beads. There was exactly enough of most of the colours. The beads are spaced with gold seedbeads.


photo 1_106


I made two with the green, but realized this morning, when I saw them by daylight, that I could have made two different ones. Both the green bracelets are a mix of bluish-green and green-green beads. I suppose I could pull them apart. Meh.

Since all I contributed to these Things was the elastic it wasn’t even a stash-buster. It did, however, prevent my stash from growing. Also good.


photo 5_39


They can be worn individually but the rich jewel tones go well together. I’ll probably gift/sell them as a set.


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Cost of all Things to date: €199.62

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