Things 140 – 164

Martina and Esther are saving up for a trip to London. Their list of places to go include the Harry Potter Studios, the Roald Dahl museum and at least two musicals, so they have some serious saving to do.

Towards that goal they have sorted and purged a mountain of stuff to sell tomorrow at a large rummage sale. I offered to make them a few small crafts for them to sell as well.

What small crafts? Do you really need to ask? Really?


photo 1_107


I made this stack of 23 tissue pouches with the leftovers from the Great Tissue Pouchathon.


photo 2_107


Pouch 24 is made with Esther’s shiny material that I also used for the superhero capes and Pouch 25 is made with leftover lining fabric from Esther’s Minoru jacket.

I wrapped them all in cello wrap and hot glued a little flower or bow on each one. At €2 each I’m hoping these sell well.


Cost of these Things: 0
Cost of all Things to date: €199.62