Thing 181

I have a long list of clothes to make in the next five weeks. Some of them will be challenging and time consuming but I started off with an easy one.

Martina loves her pink Hollyburn skirt and wanted to add another Hollyburn to her wardrobe. I pulled out the blue fabric I used for Esther’s Hollyburn.

I didn’t have a blue zipper to spare (the one I have is earmarked for another Thing) so I gave the skirt an elastic waist. I used the 2-inch elastic I bought for Esther’s Minoru jacket. It doesn’t look like an elastic waist on this photo because the elastic is cut to the same length as the waistband. The fabric has quite a bit of stretch so Martina can still pull it over her hips. I like the clean tailored look.


photo 2_127


This skirt is a versatile addition to Martina’s wardrobe. The colour goes with most of her shirts and she can wear it year round — like this in summer or with tights and boots in the winter.

I love how quickly this pattern comes together — under three hours from start to finish. I’ll definitely be making more. Maybe in purple wool for the winter? I still have lots leftover from Esther’s jacket.


photo 1_126


Esther and Martina now have matching skirts. They agreed with each other not to wear it on the same days. Because otherwise? Oh, the horror.


Cost of this Thing: €2
Cost of all Things to date: €201.62

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  1. Tobi Paton
    June 10, 2014 at 10:39 pm

    Nice job. I have always wanted a skirt with pockets, but I don’t think I have ever owned one.

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