Thing 188

Martina is writing a movie script in which Esther will be playing the role of Annabelle. As part of her costume Esther was supposed to wear a fancy flowered hair clip that a friend brought her from Spain–until I stepped on it and broke it beyond any hope of repair.

I salvaged all the fabric flower bits and promised an even fancier hairband. The show could go on.

First I crocheted a long white chain and attached it to the first stitch, creating a loop. Then I crocheted rows of different shades of pink and red until it was the width I wanted. I also went back to the first row and added another row of pink on the other side.


photo 1_141


I crocheted a tiny little flower to nest in the middle of the other flower layers and stitched it all to the hairband.


photo 2_140


The lovely Annabelle is ready.

photo 4_84


Roll cameras!


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