Thing 189

Martina is at a birthday party tonight. She took the crocheted bunny gift I made earlier this week.

Yesterday I sewed a little zip pouch for it and the other gifts. I still had some squares cut out from the great tissue pouch marathon. Martina picked four different ones and a purple zipper from the stash.

I don’t use a pattern or tutorial anymore but I found this one so helpful when I was learning.


photo 1_142

photo 2_141


I like how it’s four different patterns: flowers, dots, checks and stripes.


photo 3_112


Martina filled it with the bunny, an EOS lip balm, Jelly Belly candies, Mentos and some cash. Then we wrapped it in tissue paper and cello wrap.


photo 4_85

photo 5_49

Who wouldn’t want to unwrap that?



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