Thing 203

The last time I was in London I found this sewing book in a little discount bookstore near the hotel. It featured several patterns I wanted to try, so at just five pounds it seemed a worthwhile investment.


photo 1_159


Martina chose some lightweight cotton print from the Haagse Markt for a camisole and shorts set. I got the bolt remainder of 2.7 metres (enough for a couple of projects) for five euros, along with a metre of solid purple cotton for two euros. Then, a couple of weeks ago, my beading friend, Hester, brought along a purple silk shirt for my stash. It had an irreparable tear on the front, but the rest was beautiful, usable silk. It wasn’t enough for the camisole/shorts set but it was exactly right for the contrast fabric on the Sweet Dreams Nightdress.


photo 2_158
photo 3_124


It’s an easy project with a few nice details like a keyhole opening at the neck, hidden by a wide grey satin ribbon (also from Hester).


photo 5_54


I love the final product: sweet and light, just right for summer vacation. The silk adds a luxurious touch.


photo 4_94


However, Martina wasn’t too thrilled. She finds it a bit too frou-frou for her taste. We gave it to her friend, Jessica, who loves it — so this Thing is off to a good home. I’ve already started on the camisole/shorts set for Martina.


Cost of this Thing: €11.30 (€6.30 for the book, €5 for the cotton print, with plenty left over)
Cost of all Things to date: €274.74


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