Things 215 & 216

I was cleaning up my sewing room when I came across four small squares of fabric. They were the leftovers from the basket I made for Martina’s room. Today they became drawstring gift bags.


photo 1_174


photo 2_173


When Martina was born my mother-in-law made her a green gingham quilt and gave me the leftover fabric. I’ve used that gingham for many projects over the years (including a sweet blouse for Martina when she was three or four) and I have only tiny bits left now. I used those as lining for these bags.


photo 5_56


I’m experimenting with different methods to make both lined and unlined drawstring pouches. I may put together a tutorial at some point. However, that won’t happen before the fall. I first have some vacationing to do.


photo 3_134

photo 4_101


For now, I pulled out Things 170 & 171, the red and purple child-size wrap bracelets, and gave them a luxurious packaging. These will make the perfect gift for a couple of little girls.


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