Guest Post: Things 218 & 219

This post was written by my daughter over five weeks ago. Due to internet issues and the onset of a vacation-induced total lack of interest in my blog I failed to get it live. But we’re back to real life now and the jet lag is beginning to fade, so without further ado… 


This Guest Post is written by Martina. If you read 365 By 3 regularly, I’m sure you’ve heard my name mentioned in previous posts. My mom has made Things for me in the past, ranging from crocheted little critters to skirts for special occasions to tissue pouches for tears to things that should never have been mentioned on the internet (see Thing 92, 112, 113, 114, 115, 116, 165, 193, 194, 195 and 208).

But first of all, happy holidays! School years are a long haul and you’d all agree that every precious week of the summer vacation should be enjoyed thoroughly.

Today’s post is about pyjamas that my talented mother made for me. I needed pyjamas for summer so I asked if there was time to make a set. I probably should have thought about the problem earlier, considering there was not a lot of time left before we would leave for vacation and my mom’s schedule was so full there was not a single minute to spare. But time was eventually made, thanks to the previously mentioned talented mother.


photo 5_60


These pyjamas are made with a fabric from the Haagse Markt. I didn’t come along that particular time so by the time my mom and Esther reached the fabric stand my phone would not stop receiving text notifications containing photos of fabric. Yes, that’s how much we love fabric.


photo 2_178


I had a lot of options. There were many variations of hearts and flowers in particular in many different colours. In the end I chose a white fabric with purple hearts. It’s the right type of fabric for what I needed it for; it’s a thin, breathable and pretty fabric, which fills the criteria for summer pyjamas. That’s why this fabric was also used for a nightgown (see Thing 203).


photo 1_179


The pyjamas are very comfortable and despite being so thin they haven’t worn out in any way. The fabric will last a while yet. And although they probably won’t fit me next summer, I can enjoy them for several months to come.


photo 4_105


Special thanks to my mom for committing to writing a blog post every day never failing! And spending hours a day in an oven of a sewing room…


Cost of this Thing: €2
Cost of all Things to date: €279.74