Things 283 – 285

Today is Shirt Day.

But before we get started, I would like to apologize for the lousy pictures. I take all photos with my iPhone, which does an adequate job outside in good lighting. However, here in the Netherlands the hours of daylight are decreasing and unless I’m on the ball and, you know, plan ahead, I’m left with dark, indoor shots.

Back to shirts.

Last week, I made Esther a shirt out of an assortment of fabrics, including the sleeves off an old shirt of mine. That got me thinking. I raided my closet and found two t-shirts that have seen better days and were on my get-rid-of list. I pulled out my trusty Renfrew pattern and cut front and back panels from the striped t-shirt and sleeves from the solid black. I needed to save the rest of the black for another project so I used wide black elastic for the neckline. Since I kept the existing hems when I cut the sleeves and front/back pieces, I didn’t need to bother with any cuffs. Easy peasy.




I think I’ll rummage together some fabric for one more long-sleeved shirt for Esther and she’ll be set for the winter.


The next two Things are Belcarra blouses that I made for myself before the summer. (Yes, I know I said the summer backlog was done. I was wrong.)

After all the effort I went through to get the fit on the Belcarra just right it seemed a shame to not make more. I picked up two different fabrics at the Haagse Markt for just two euros a metre and put my Belcarra knowledge to use.

The flowered fabric was super sheer and impossible to press. However, as it wasn’t too slippery I could still work with it. I finished off the blouse with an invisible hem and wore it to a wedding the next day.




The dark one? Oh my. Like sewing a bunch of live eels. Despite this, it turned out mostly okay except for the bottom hem. You can’t see it in the photo, but it doesn’t run exactly straight. I was so fed up with the project that I was just eyeballing the blind hem as I went along. My eyeballs, it appears, are not so accurate. I wear it under a cardigan and it’s fine. Fine, I tell you.




I need to start wearing it more. It looks good with a black sweater and jeans and feels just a bit dressy–good for the grey days of December.


Cost of these Things:  €5.60 (1.60 for black elastic from Hema, 4 for the blouse fabrics)
Cost of all Things to date: €300.64