Things 35 & 36

My garden is blooming with crocuses and tulips, but I decided to sneak in one more winter set. After the Great Toque Marathon I had a special request.

I have a little buddy, Rebecca, who has a special blanket, made by her Oma when she was just a baby. “Yellow blankie” is beloved, and its only failing is its inability to accompany Rebecca everywhere. Yellow blankie stays at home.

Rebecca’s Oma still had a big ball of the yellow yarn that I could use. So soft, like crocheting with angora rabbits!

I started with a toque, following the same pattern I did for the baby hat, except I increased an extra row and added a few more rows to the bottom as well. I finished it off with white trim and a yellow and white flower.


photo 1_14


But toques are for outside, and I wanted Rebecca to have something she could even wear during the day at school.

Using a 10mm hook, I started with a long chain and joined it to make a loop. I crocheted rows of triple, double and single crochet and switched to a 5mm hook for the edge shell stitch. Then I went back to the original chain row and repeated the same pattern in the other direction. The result was a baby-soft infinity scarf in buddy-size:

photo 3_13


photo 4_13


Rebecca calls it “Yellow Scarfie.” That makes my heart melt. That child could ask me for just about anything now and I’d have to say yes.

photo 5_2

Cost of this Thing: 0 (yarn provided by Oma)
Cost of all Things to date: €21.79 (lots of buffer now, time for a spendy project)



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