Thing 5

I had some scraps of this flannel from a baby blanket project last year, as well as a coordinating dotted flannel used for the binding:



There was just enough to make a wee little zipper pouch. This tutorial is so clear and easy, with step-by-step photos. I used it to make a stack of pouches at Christmas.

A little purple zipper in my stash perfectly matched the purple accents on the elephant scrap, and this was the sweet result:

photo 1_2

photo 2_2

I’m still working on inserting zippers neatly, especially at the ends. My stash is full of scraps and random zippers (I harvest worn out clothes for buttons and zips), so I anticipate plenty of pouch practice this year.

This elephant pouch will probably be part of a gift — maybe to hold an elephant bracelet or an elephant amigurumi…

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