Things 6, 7 & 8

Got the sniffles? Plus some random scraps of fabric? This thing’s for you.

The internet is full of marvelous tutorials, but I picked this one at So Sew Something. The directions were foolproof and the sizing worked out great for my little Hema tissue packs.

I can run these up in about 10 minutes if I’m just using two scraps of 6″x7″ fabric. The first two I made, though, have some minor patchwork involved, so they took a bit longer.

photo 1_4

These two have already been sent on their way as teacher gifts. (That’s a handy aspect of this project — when my youngest tells me it’s Juffen- en Meesterdag and she needs little presents for her teachers, like, THIS MORNING, I have a ready-made gift stash.)

The third pouch is made from a silk Mickey Mouse tie I bought for my husband way back in 1996, when we were young and in love at Disneyland. He wore it a few times in the late 90’s to be polite, but since then poor Mickey has languished in tie purgatory. It was time for a rebirth.

photo 4_3

Aargh! I spend so much time cutting it so carefully, only to have the front bottom mysteriously veer off pattern.

photo 5



Cost of these Things: €4.16 (needed to restock thread)
Cost of all Things to date: €4.16



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